First UMC Gonzales

Youth - Rise

youth rise logoIt's been a funfilled summer for RISE Student Ministry!  

We have a few things you as a congregation can be praying for our students…
— prayer for continued spiritual growth through small groups
— prayers for students going to camps, CCE and WOC

Summer is one of the most influential times for students, we try to take every advantage to give students opportunity to deepen their relationships with Jesus. We ask more than anything you pray for God's Spirit to move within our youth community and help us look more like Jesus!

We'll be reporting to the church on our recent mission trip to Ruston, LA, very soon, so come hear from students about their experiences!


HOTPO! No surprise here, this is our weekly “meet-&-eat” every Tuesday. Each week we’ll meet up at a different restaurant and enjoy a meal together. No frills, no fuss…just good food and fellowship. As always, open to all 6th-12th graders!



If you have a student who is interested in becoming a part of our ministry but is a little nervous about the prospect, I’d love to meet them and connect them to one of our other students who would welcome them in! Summer is a fantastic time to get your feet wet in youth ministry. We’d love for you and your students to be a part!



Peace in Christ, 


Zack Pittman