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Youth - Rise

youth rise logo We are very excited about October! Fall Break is the time we have our annual Middle School Fall Retreat, led by our high schoolers. The high schoolers have developed a theme for the weekend: REVOLVE — so our time of worship and devotion will focus on our lives revolving around a center: that is, Jesus. How every part of their lives: family, relationship with friends, the things they're involved in…should revolve around their relationship with Jesus Christ. I ask that you pray for our students as they continue to prepare, and for the middle school students who will be participating…that they would experience God in a new way.

Our high schoolers have been meeting regularly on Wednesday nights at PJ's Coffee House, exploring more of what we encounter in Scripture from Sunday nights and how God calls us not just to be hearers but doers of His Word. 

I ask you continue to pray for our student ministry as the school year moves on. Pray for peace in the midst chaos, for calm to remedy anxiety, and for them to continue to seek God's face.

Peace in Christ,
Zack Pittman
Youth Minister