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Youth - Rise

Hello, from the desk of RISEyouth ministry!

WE pray this finds you well as we're now already in March…crazy to think two months of the new year have already passed. But here we are, in a new season, journeying through Lent and eagerly anticipating the Resurrection. Speaking of journeying…

We're spending the rest of the semester as a youth ministry under a theme: meeting with God. We're exploring parts of the Bible where people had one-on-one conversations with the Creator, and how their lives were changed afterward. These
conversations were tough, gentle, and everything in between, covering fear, obedience, faithfulness, and a lot more. Our hope is this: that we come away with a new understanding of what it means to meet with God, and what he wants to do with us.

Our meeting with God (or not meeting with God) influences every aspect of our lives, down to every conversation we have, even our own perceptions of ourselves. During this season of Lent, where we are attentive to the things that keep us from holy
and right relationship with our Creator, it makes sense that we need to be thinking about meeting with God and not just giving things up.

We pray you join us in creating times and spaces to spend meeting with God.

Peace in Christ,
Zack Pittman