First UMC Gonzales

United Methodist Women

UMW Sunday "Celebrating Our Faithful Future" was held on February 24. A special "Thank You" to Rev. Joy Comeaux for being our guest speaker at both services. A lunch at Country Kitchen in honor of Joy was well attended by many of our church family. Time with Joy was enjoyed by all.

Joy wrote in a note to me,"It was a joy and my honor to speak for you and be among so many people who have taught, guided, prayed for and mentored me along my journey.” It was a blessing having her among us on UMW Sunday. UMW Officers for 2019 was installed at the 11:00 Service:
President: Brenda Walker
Vice President: Leya Mathew
Secretary: Ginger McInnis
Treasurer: June Thomas

Your support and prayers are needed for us to keep our oath to work for you and your community throughout 2019.
A "Special Thank You" to all who worked as greeters, ribbon sellers, ushers, lay leader, acolytes, bell choir members, church choir members, altar designer, Children's Moment speaker and coffee refreshment providers. Your willingness to accept responsibilities was appreciated.

My heart is filled with thanksgiving and appreciation for the help of staff members Pastor Steve Berger, Barbara Roy, Jesse White, Keith Eiermann, Phillip Vincent and Jennifer Fontenot in the preparation of UMW Sunday.
Ginger McInnis did a fantastic job in preparing our UMW slide presentation. Thank you Ginger!
And the UMW Sunday was documented with pictures by our photographer, Tom Hertwig.

Thank you again, Tom, for always being there for us.

All worked together successfully to make UMW Sunday a "Special Day" in the life of our church.

Forever Grateful,
Brenda Walker, UMW President