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United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women Afternoon Tea

KICKING-OFF 2019-2020

The 2019 United Methodist Tea was held on Sunday, August 18th in the Celebration Center at First United Methodist Church. The theme for this year event was "Celebrating 150 Years of Mission Service". Eighty-four women and "little" ladies were in attendance for the sit-down tea. The guests were warmly welcomed to the "Afternoon Tea" social by our greeter, Diana Berger. As they entered the room filled with twelve beautifully decorated tea tables, one of the hostesses Mona Bickham, DeAnna Bourgeois, Debbie Eiermann, Becky Floyd, Happy Haptonstall, Kaye Hertwig, Shirley Lyons Jennifer Lyons, Suzanne Mayfield, Ginger McInnis,
Leya Mathew, Rebecca Pittman, Jodi Solar, Darla Terlecki, or Cathy Vittoria graciously invited a guest to join them at their table. The program was conducted by the UMW officers for 2019-2020. The event was opened with a welcome and prayer by the President, Brenda Walker. Leya Mathew, Vice President, lead the guest in the reading of the United Methodist Purpose. Ginger McInnis, Secretary, prepared and presented a DVD to show the work of the UMW throughout the year 2018-2019. June Thomas, Treasure, invited guest to
share in the upcoming missions of the United Methodist by joining our local unit and making a yearly pledge or making a one-time contribution to the National "Legacy Fund" through tips left at their table. The program was ended in prayer by Brenda Walker.

Our friendly well-dressed waiters Trevor Dunn, K. E. Mathew, Zack Pittman, Albert Volion, Joe Walker, and Jean Zeringue were invited to begin serving. Cups of tea was raised and a toast lead by Mona Bickham was in honor and celebration of George and Marguerite Carpenter who showed us the enjoyment in having "high tea".

An inviting photo booth with props was designed and created as a focal point for our tea room by Ginger McInnis. Not only did Tom Hertwig document the event with pictures, he took requested photos at the booth.

A special "Heartfelt Thanks to ALL" who worked so hard to make this "HIGH TEA" a successful. "Hats Off" to our greeters, hostesses, waiters, refreshment providers, photographer, and behind-the- scene kitchen workers. All of you were "GREATLY APPRECIATED".