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Pastor's Note
From the desk of Rev. Steve Berger, Senior Pastor

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What Really Matters?

The news of Rev. Billy Graham and Rev. Donald Tab passing into eternity within months of each other reminded me of the impact both had on my young life. With the Billy Graham Crusade coming to Tiger Stadium (where prayers had been offered for S.E.C. victories many times) me and several of my friends volunteered to help with the summer preparations. That is when I met and worked with Rev. Donald Tabb who was in Baton Rouge to lead the bulk mail campaign in the basement of First Presbyterian Church and to train the counselors how to lead people to Christ. The Baton Rouge Crusade was a great success with hundreds standing on the L.S.U. gridiron and praying to receive Christ. Graham preached to nearly 215 million people in his life in 185 countries. Donald Tab stayed in Baton Rouge to found a large church and he pastored there until he retired. Both believed in a simple message, founded on Biblical principles and based on our personal acceptance of Christ as our Savior and Lord. This past Sunday we saw seven of our young people confirm their faith and profess their belief in Jesus as their savior. What an honor to be a part of God's great work of salvation! Billy Graham once quoted Methodist leader John Wesley to a group of Methodist pastors, "You have nothing to do but to save souls, therefore send and be spent in this work" (John Wesley, 1784). We are reminded that beyond the trappings and culture and traditions of our church, our main goal is to make Disciples of Jesus and speak the truth of God's Word! I thank our God that our Confirmation teachers, Zack, Brenda and Tom did just that but it is not just their work, it belongs to all of us to do. This summer will give us some opportunities for that through Sunday worship, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Summer Youth Mission Trip and Weekend of the Cross. I pray that you will volunteer to help and witness about your faith as you go.

Pastor Steve