Pastors Note

Pastor's Note
From the desk of Rev. Steve Berger, Senior Pastor

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A Welcome Reboot!

It happens to all of us from time to time, especially if we use electronic devices like cell phones,
computers, cars, printers, certain toys, tools, instruments—anything that uses circuit boards, they need
a "reboot". Signals get crossed, circuits fail, memories get full, etc. and all of the sudden what worked
before so well now just sits there and does nothing. So, we restart or "reboot" the device hoping to
breathe new life into the machine and keep working. This happens in the life of churches too. We go
along, thinking that doing the same thing over and over will be just fine and find ourselves grinding to
a halt. We need a refresh, a new approach and new vision to keep going! This week I was reading
some of a book by Thom Rainer called "Becoming a Welcoming Church". I read chapter names like,
"We Really Want You Here" and "Where Families Grow Strong", and thought that described my view
of who we are already. But reading on I was reminded that church members think of their church as
"friendly" nearly always—the problem is that they are "friendly" to each other but not always to
newcomers. Many who come for the first time have no idea where the nursery or Welcome Center
would be, many of them feel that they might be sitting in "someone's seat", some are nervous about
bringing children into the Sanctuary.

We owe a great thanks to, Mrs. Karen Frank, for leading our outreach and Evangelism Committee, so
well these past years. Karen has stepped down from that position, but has left us with a legacy of good
organization and the Greeter Program which we are restarting. She organized and promoted large
group events that sought to bring in neighbors and prospects using our Celebration Center. So, as we
thank Karen for her good work, we need to continue that emphasis to find those who we do not yet
know and make them feel welcome. We each need to be a part of the "evangelism team" in seeking
out new faces and helping them find their way. Ascension Parish is growing again in several places,
let's maximize this opportunity to reach out to newcomers to our area and begin to really grow again!

In Christ,
Pastor Steve