Pastors Note

Pastor's Note
From the desk of Rev. Alice (Ali) Kendig Young, Senior Pastor

Grace & Peace to you First Gonzales,

November is one of my favorite months. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, not because of the eating or the story we get told in school about pilgrims, but because it is an opportunity for us to relearn gratitude.

This year there is a lot we could complain about. There are so many things to be ungrateful for or to resent. Which means November is a wonderful time to invest in gratitude.

For the month of November, I am trying to be intentional about giving thanks. The scripture I am using to ground this time of intentional gratitude is Thessalonians
5:16 – 18 “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give
thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God

in Christ Jesus for you.

I invite you to journey in gratitude with me throughout November.

Rev. Ali Young

November 1
Who are the people that you remember with gratitude on this All Saints Sunday?

November 11
Pray for all who have served and continue to serve in our Armed Forces.

November 21
Pray like a child today. Lift up thanks for small things like ice cream, or a new toy.

November 2
Pray for the opportunity to see your life with gratitude.

November 12
Give thanks for friends.

November 22
There are 40 days left in 2020. Make a list of 40 things you are grateful for.

November 3
Pray for the leaders of our communities, cities, state, and nation.

November 13
Think of a time someone helped you with a need you couldn’t have filled by yourself.

November 23
Did you use water today, to drink, wash hands or clothes? Give thanks that you have clean water.

November 4
Think of who you are grateful for and tell them.

November 14
Give thanks for those who make our lives easier. People like sanitation workers, grocery store employees, and other service workers

November 24
Give thanks for family, whether chosen, biological, adopted or joined.

November 5
Consider your home today. Pray for those who do not have a home or who have a home that is unsafe.

November 15
What makes worship meaningful for you? Tell the people who help make it happen.

November 25
Practice gratitude with your family, friends, and/ or coworkers.

November 6
What is something you enjoy about who you are?

November 16
Take time today to ask someone else what they are most grateful for.

November 26
Give thanks for all who grow, process, package, sell, and prepare your food.

November 7
Today take time to look or sit outside.

November 17
What things in your life do you take for granted?

November 27
What brings you joy?

November 8
Give thanks for the leadership of the church and those willing to serve in that capacity.

November 18
Before you get out of bed, give thanks that you woke up.

November 28
How has God’s grace transformed your life?

November 9
Give thanks for a Monday.

November 19
Pray for and acknowledge those who lead and volunteer with our children and youth ministries.

November 29
Advent begins today. Pray to hear the story of Christ anew.

November 10
Consider all those who taught you. Think of those who teach your children or grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, and loved ones. Pray for them.

November 20
Did you use your phone or social media to talk to anyone today? Give thanks for the gift of technology.

November 30
Give thanks for your church today. Pray for the congregation and the future God has in store for the church.