First UMC Gonzales

Fishes and Loaves Food Pantry

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Praise God!
In March we were able to provide 92 boxes of groceries to Families! These boxes fed 217 people!! We also provided $110 in gas vouchers!

The Food Pantry is open every Monday and Thursday from 12pm - 1pm.

Your overwhelming response to the needs of those in our community has been a blessing to so many! Thank you, thank you, thank you to members of both FUMC Gonzales and New Song! It is such a blessing to say, ?Yes, we can help,? to families in need. Pray for the success of this pantry and what your part is in making it a success.

Please continue our efforts by bringing any of the following items to the church office or to the basket in the narthex on Sunday morning. Below are the items that are packed into a box that is given out each Monday and Thursday. I have even included sizes as a guide to help you, the shopper, know which are most needed and most convenient for packing these boxes.

Items Always Needed:
2 cans of meat (this is chicken, tuna, spam)
4 cans of fruit (14 to 20 oz)
4 cans of vegetables (14 to 20 oz)
1 pack of spaghetti (12 to 20 oz)
2 cans of soup (10 to 16 oz)
1 can of tomato product (sauce about 14-20 oz)
2 boxes of cereal (this can be dry cereals like corn flakes, or the oatmeal, etc)
1 jar of peanut butter (18 to 20 oz)
1 jar of jelly (18 to 20 oz)
2 boxes of mac & cheese (7 to 10 oz)
Helper Meals
Cornbread mixes
1 bag of rice ( 1 lb)
2 bag of dry beans (1 lb)
1 spaghetti noodles (14 to 20 oz)
Milk or juice if available (juice in plastic pouches)

"For I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me a drink, I was a stranger and you invited me into your home."
Matthew 25:35-40