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Book Library

Book Library

The First United Methodist Church has a fairly large collection of recent and classic works of fiction and nonfiction that can be a great resource for Christian living. The library is arranged with the fiction section in alphabetical order by author's last name and the nonfiction section sorted by categories identified by colored dots on the spines of the books. For example, all of the books about angels will have a white dot on the spine, all of the books about Methodism will have a yellow dot, and all of the biographies will have purple dots with holes in the middle.

Checking out the books uses an honor system. Just write your name along with your telephone number and/or email address on the checkout card and place the card in the card box under the first letter of the author's last name. When you check the book in, you can just place it in the check-in basket.

The code for the dot system is posted on the wall of the library. You will find many excellent devotional books, as well as anthologies such as the Chicken Soup for the Soul series that contain articles that can be read if you only have short periods of time now and then. For those searching for Christian viewpoints on personal and family issues, the section with the dark red dots has books on such topics as parenting, marriage, aging, grief, mental illness, alcoholism, and other issues of relationships.

Next time you are in the Fellowship Hall, take a moment to visit the FUMC library and discover for yourself the wonderful collection of resources that are available to use and enjoy. To search the FUMC library card catalog from your computer, click here:

For online resources check out the FUMC Online Library.