First UMC Gonzales

Armed Services Outreach

The goal of the Armed Services Committee is to honor and serve veterans in our congregation and in our community.

In November, we held our annual luncheon and program to honor veterans of our community. We also placed a basket of toy soldiers in the narthex of the church for people to pick up as a reminder to pray for our veterans. Our purpose is to pay tribute to those amongst us who have defended the many rights that we take for granted by serving in the Armed Forces of the United States.

In December, we donated gift certificates to veterans of our congregation who have been affected by the recent flooding.

On April 2nd, we will be selling box lunches of smoked pulled pork and all the trimmings after both services. This will serve as a fundraiser for our activities in 2017.

For Memorial Day in May, we will place a table, chair and place setting in the narthex with a red and white rose along with a black sash for all MIA/POW soldiers and those that gave their life fighting for our country. The toy soldiers will again serve as reminders for anyone who would like.

Anyone interested in joining this ministry can contact Connie Francis ( or 225-715-2952) or Barbara Cox ( or 225-921-6363).