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About A Cool Impossible Mission

All Things are Possible!!

The community garden group has dreamed up a beautiful garden that is not only produce fresh vegetables but is also a place that you can pray and sit in God's presence. This garden is also a place where people can come and learn to garden on their own. They are continuing to dream up ways to distribute fresh vegetables or canned vegetables with our fishes and loafs food pantry and maybe even having a neighborhood farmers market. How cool is this?

The tutoring program is reaching the kids in our neighborhood through after school programs in our celebration center and partner with a local school to pray for teachers, be a support group for them, tutor kids, and help in anyway possible. How cool is this?

The Helping Hands mission helps those in our church and community that might need short term mission work down at their homes. This could be widows or elderly that need a fence mending, wheel chair ramp, honey dos around the house, building a shed, painting a house, or any mission project that could be completed in a short period of time. How cool is this?

Stock the Trailer to Revive the Helping Hands Ministry
By Ed and Margaret Holton

God has put something on our heart that we are very excited about and hope you will share our excitement. As we listened to discussion about the Delta Grace mission trip, it struck us that there are probably many in our own community in need of home repairs but can’t afford them. After visiting with Mark to discuss it, we learned that the church used to have a ministry called the Helping Hands Ministry to help meet that need. We have volunteered to lead efforts to revive that ministry.

The call we feel is to help provide home repairs to those in need, especially ones that affect the health, safety and welfare of the residents. We need your help to make this a reality for our church.

Stock the trailer – We have acquired a trailer to donate to the church to serve as a rolling workshop for Helping Hands. Now, we need to stock it with tools. We need your help to stock the trailer with tools and equipment. What do we need? Right now pretty much everything and anything to do with home repairs. We will have a list available at church but right now, if you have something big or small, please call.

The third Sundays this summer (June 21, July 19 and August 16) will be "stock the trailer Sundays." We are asking that you bring any tools and equipment you would like to donate to church to help stock the toolbox. If you can’t bring them to church, just call us at the number below and we will come pick them up!

Helpers needed – If this ministry speaks to your heart as well, we would love to have your help to get it started. Just call us to get involved. Remember, you don’t have to be a "handy" person to help. There’s a role for everyone in this ministry. You just have to have a passion to see that those in need have safe and secure homes.

Call us – If you want to donate or get involved, please call Ed or Margaret Holton at 225-363-7018.